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(Edited 2015. Only read old posts with this sentence. The thoughts are the same and not updated, but the text is bettered)


Gebser said that integral art has sth to do with being transparent so that the empty ground of all being and all perspectives arising to make up the world of form are united, and this is the "harmony", the aesthetical reality of aperspectivity, integral consciousness.

i want to explore this in a loose manner. Starting with the way we look at perspectives. The language will change back and forth between contemplation and evocation and other styles, I actually do think that if you read this you should be able to be aware ;), but in case  you could but have headache right now ill help ^^ Love you all, in one way or another

a perspective

is a part of the web of being, woven into becoming by itself, a piece of indiras chain

is the enacting open field of whole world

is a unique expression of god. It has, in this respect,a uniqueness, it is a world of its own.

common people, who live out of perspective but are merely aware of this if at all, don’t see the real beauty.  They hold the idea perspective as an abstract, in the mind, thus perspective points towards a mental abstaction. It is not the cosmic reality of a perspective, though it is completely justified - it is as it appears in the pespectives a human may identify with

perspectives are child-eyes and youth eyes and children eyes and seer-eyes of the divine itself.

perspectives are the one self, and the one Self can see the divine, Itself, in a unique way, communicate with the divine as its own otherness, thus being beyondness, in a unique way, know the identity with spirit in a unique way

And I can see them all, step by step, and invent them. They all appear in the one consciousness. A million worlds, arising all at once.

Perspectives are everything

I love them all. Thus I can make songs for all of them. It is not a matter of center of gravity, its about singing songs of the universe, the process, the history of it. There are lower centers of gravity, beautiful but yet unconscious. There are those who can understand these words. And there are those who seem to walk along the paths of the humans, which they do, but they also stand besides a sphere-screen of all worlds, and they find its light reflected in this world everywhere.

Singing songs about the world from here is not (only) integral correctness. It is a direct connection. It may be an expression of the supermind. It is not integral and superminded to include stuff only as lip service. This is the message this whole text is about in one sentence: LOVE PERSPECTIVES. LIVE PESPECTIVES; SO YOU CAN LOVE THE WORLD FROM THERE; AND LOVE THIS LOVE OF THE WORLD ITSELF; WHICH IS TO LOVE PESPECTIVES. Don’t just accept them or respect them. That’s better than nothing. If you have a shadow there, admit it and shed some light, if you did so, learn some respect. If you did, fall  in love. If you did, love, embrace, cherish, praise, include, not just verbally, include it hailing style as a piece of the fabric of the cosmos. LOVE PERSPECTIVE. Not as lipservice, because god has no lips. Love them from and FOR a place in the center of the universe, a ground that is underneath every thing,  love them like a stranger to the whole of reality, love them as stranger to yourself and one with all reality, love them as sex and birth and death all happening at once

Expressing the supermind - not as one who is superminded, but as one whois attracted already, I dont know about those who are superminded - nowadays may be different than just getting to the highest stage in development. Maybe Ken Wilber and others have build themselves into bridges on which the supermind can channel itself upon us, widening us, making us see. Ken Wilber may have walked and knows how he did, but when he did, there was not yet a ken Wilber to have done so. Thus it might have changed with him and others, how this can reach down into the world.

I can feel the marvel of everything, of worlds that have never existed and never will, just there to be known as neverworlds forever.

Thus, this art, loving and holding in sweet cherishing embracing all the precious worlds, is also the the download of the supermind. The end of the universe as we know it. But this is another story…The end is our only the end :)

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