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Evolutionary Spiritual Culture 1 - Theory of Praxis

Note: This is not a strictly theoretical text, nor is it just a feely one. Its discussing sth isolated to make a point, and actually this whole issue is new and mysterious. Its reflecting our spiritual practice, as we transition from closed spiritual systems pointing to a specific address in this universe,

to cosmocentric, integral and evolutionary spiritual systems

The main point I wish to make is laid down in chapter 3. So in the first two chapters I will only pass some issues that deserve and will get their own treatment.


1. In the past

2. In the present - intersubjective spiritual methods

3. In the future -  integration of the enactment of integral evolutionary spiritual praxis as part of culture

1. In the past

a lot of methods of spiritual praxis were probaly created along these lines:

a) You had some sort of spiritual experience

b) you noticed the emerged changes: how you feel, what you can do(Upper Quadrants), what the world looks like

c) you start to see the difference of the data collected in b) to the known present state of yours and of the individuals and the culture around you. f.Ex. you noted: when I am in this state, i have a self-nourishing energy love and energy. I am not to preoccupied with myself. The world feels like "One", when I move, while everything is changing, there is sth like an all-pervading feeling staying present within itself, ands so on, time is happening within an eternal "now" which is not touched by the time(spirit-being)

d) you get the idea: if I make up a method confronting my "normal structure" with the possible "new strucure, alternative state", I may re-eanct that one and stabilize it.

Simple example of how Vipassana -breathing awareness might have been created:
a) I come into Being Now-Conscious(ness)
b)I notice: While breathing, while attending to the breath, there is sth staying the same, An awareness, simultaneously being an arawereness of itself being awareness, being aware. There is an identity with the in-breath, filling up, there is an identity with the out-breath, letting go, there is an identity with the in-between moment, breaking, nothingness. With every section of breathing, one clinging goes, another comes. But now that I am in this higher state of mind, i notice: underlying there is an attention, an awareness, that simply is, an nonmoving-activity of self awareness that just is, One with the suchness of world and consciousness itself.

c) And it dawns in you: Usually, when you breath, you cant stay, you change with every section of that breath. if I then try to stay,

d) I will confront myself directly with my inability and possibility to stay completely in the presence and inthe selfaware- awareness. Thus, while it is impossible at first to stay aware while breathin, I practice. Through the will to stay aware, this awareness gets lightened up and starts to get stronger, and the relative contractions is deconstructed away, twisting in to nothingness, which arises like an secret ocean to flood all of your attempts to arrive at it and nothing but isness remains.

And there you go. You are in being and now

we could simply name them like this

a) Experience
b) inquiry into the experience
c) inquiry into how what you perceived as the made change from where you were to where you are can be mapped:  inquiry into transformational dynamics

 d) methodology

There is a step e) as well, which we will discuss in the third part

2. Present - Intersubjective spiritual methods

Here, the same thing happens:

a) you - come together with some one, and both of you are

   - in a higher state of mind or peaking a new structure, generally: into sth new and higher
   - very aware of Intersubjectivity; of all 4 quadrants at best
both are crucial to whats coming now

b) parallel to 1 b), you realize new potentials, realizing thema also in "real time"

When looking upon the state of world, you realize what now is possible, what is shining through now. You start to notice that it is really possible to be in one space together, to see others as they are, to be in real mutuality, different and one, you feel intensely real, intimate, and you feel something more beyond the two or more of you, a higher purpose and meaning of communication, something happening in consciousness on a level that is not just your individual consciousness. You may come to find that you are all one mind, and that this can be palpably real to everyone, collectively and mutually recognized

c) You than also notice how different communication is now, how processing of data is different. Realizations of the working of forces you now notice exactly in history get evident to you and so

d) Again, you see a possiblity to get into this space together, to realize modes of enacting these new potentials together. Mutual interest into new mutual aggreements. Lifitng you all to a higher place, opening up new spaces, making new steps in culture

These LL-Culture, Communication, and LL+LR Collective technologies than bring forth a transformation booster.

Note: This is not sth religions and spiritual technologies didnt do likewise in the past. The first differenc coming to my mind here is creativity and evolution. there is sth about this that I am still figuring out, as many others are doing I guess, and maybe no one can do so alone.

3. In the future - integration of the enactment of integral evolutionary spiritual praxis as part of culture

The point here is that the separation of this process stops. In the past, there was One enlightment-, a certain person, bringing us one method, and it was a closed system, some new capacity was downloaded, inquired a little, and the religion was done and changed in the best cases like buddhism every 400 years. Now it is a permament flush of downloading, making up methods, bringing them into life

The change here is that this rising up to new places, opening to new possibilties, receiving of downloads etc might itself become part of the culture. Right now even the most progressive spiritual sanghas still act like rapdily changing old religions, it works the same way as it did in the past, only that they change like every 2-3 years.

But still there is a stop go stop go thing going on, and the connection to spirit is still a little split(note please that i am not opposing natural growth hierarchies, actually I am fortifying sane growth hierarchies and in the structure mentioned impurity of motive of participating in this hierarchy would be further diminished. Everything promoting real growth is supporting hierarchies, at least until the One Mind descends and takes over the show completely, and even then functional hierarchies may still have their place)

here comes e) For the potentials to be realized, people then have to practice these methods, doing sth that is weird to them, especially now: we move away from static humanity, still used to being and staticness in all four quadrants*,

All we did so far was creating these static systems, and there is already a part within many of us,

especially within those who have learned to about giving the love for that which is, the nowNess and the love to realize what is yet to come their respective places,

there is aplace that is actually a little bored and longing for a more active culture, in which the alarm of evolutionary rising is felt all of the time,
were network exchange, natural growth hierarchies, group intelligence and naturally selected leadership and individual creativity and homogenity are not contrasting anymore,
 because they feel like this whole enterprise has just started, that this phase of evolutionary Culture is just like the very very beginning, more like speaking about climbing a mountain before actually departing for the trip. If awakening of Spirit to itself is to be emerging in evolutionary world space, the day may come that we have to let go of these chains completely.

May we make it

* what I mean is the overall context, this does not refer to discussions like: are we to busy to day or sth like that. I mean that Self-Identity, World View, reflection of our system and so still perceive the world as static, or wish for it to be so if it is not, see politics, economy, psychology, Old and new age religions and so on.

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