Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Sacred Autobiography of an Evolutionary Agent Part 1

After 15 billion years of slumber
And a few thousand of morning coffee
Letting yourself be overwhelmed by her beauty
Letting yourself be overthrilled by his undoubtable Intention

Its Time to Go

Two becoming one
One becomes two again
The stage is set

 And there appear: Surfacing out of the unknown:

The Soldiers of Eros
The Servants of Agape

Hail you warriors of the Great Becoming
May We search for the End of the World
And Go Beyond
So I Screamed before all the parents in the World were born
This scream that I AM
Will always and never be unimpaired
Will never be perfect
Perfection is always behind and before Us
To burn away in the raging FireWill of the OverInsane Mercurian Son

Dying in Love
For The Shining Above
This illusory and endless beauty
This world exists to break our hearts
And we will never want to change that

The holiest of sacraments
That is this universal body
Will be DONE
The demiurg of being
Will by himself be OVERCOME
In the Name of
Surpressed for FAR TO LONG
As the reality at the heart of this world
psychopathologically fanatical

Driven Far beyond we are
To Hail YOU

Hail you warriors of evolution

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